‘Judge Judy’ Tops All Court TV Shows for 1,100th Straight Week

Yeah, that’s more than 21 years of ratings wins

“Judge Judy” is judge, jury and executioner of all other court TV shows.

Judge Judith Sheindlin just won her specific genre in Nielsen numbers for an incredible 1,100th straight week — that’s more than 21 straight years of ratings domination among court TV shows.

Someone bang a gavel to punctuate that achievement.

Per the latest-available numbers, the syndicated “Judy” was up 2 percent from the prior week, averaging a 6.7 syndication rating. That number nearly tripled her closest syndicated courtroom competition, “Hot Bench” (a 2.3, down 4 percent).

Oh, and Sheindlin created that one, too, so she’s not sweating under that robe.

In case you were wondering how many court TV shows there could possibly be, the answer is six: “Judge Judy,” “Hot Bench,” “People’s Court,” “Judge Mathis,” “Divorce Court’ and “Judge Faith.”

There are also about seven more that are combined in packages for sales purposes.

Either way, “Judge Judy” was the top-rated show in all of syndication for the ninth time in 10 weeks. All rise — court’s very much (still) in session.