Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ‘Veep’ Co-Stars Invoke Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein in Chemo Pep-Talk (Video)

Yeah, it’s probably just best to psych her up with a chorus of “Eye of the Tiger”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Getty Images

Good luck with your chemotherapy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus; please enjoy these inspirational quotes from a couple of accused sexual predators.

“Veep” star Louis-Dreyfus — who earlier this year announced that she is battling breast cancer — shared a video made by her “Veep” co-stars Matt Walsh and Sam Richardson, in which they attempted to bolster the actress’ spirits with some inspirational quotes ahead of her third chemotherapy treatment on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the quotes came courtesy of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, who have not exactly been beacons of inspiration lately. Oh, and also Joseph Stalin, whose reputation might be charitably described as mixed.

The video features the pair apply‌ing their Google-fu to dig up heart-lifting quotes. Such as, “I believe in one thing only: The power of human will.” Courtesy of Stalin.

And, “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down,” a lovely sentiment attributed to Spacey.

And also, “I always find that when I do something that I like from my heart, that it works” — which, to the duo’s chagrin, was apparently uttered by Weinstein.

In the end, the duo abandons its quote-digging expedition in favor of belting out a chorus of the Survivor anthem “Eye of the Tiger.”

Watch the video below.