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Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon Threw Big Balls at Each Other’s Faces, and It Got Ugly (Video)

But they did giggle a lot, so it’s all good

In the latest edition of Jimmy Fallon Gets An A-List Celebrity to Debase His or Herself, Julia Roberts took a couple of big plastic balls to the kisser.

Yep, even America’s Sweetheart is now clamoring to show her super chill regular gal side by playing a goofy game on the “Tonight Show.”

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Actually, “Face Ball,” as the Fallon staff calls it, isn’t even so much a game as it is an activity built to maximize the use of the show’s new super high-speed cameras. By tossing big plastic inflatable balls in each other’s faces, Fallon and Roberts provided the perfect use of the advanced technology: Creating great screenshots and GIFs of them making ugly, awkward faces.

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Roberts took the activity in stride, giggling along and probably trying to not remind herself that she has an Oscar and is one of the most lucrative film actresses of all time.

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