Julia Stiles Takes a Secret Side Job in ‘Blue’ Web Series (Video)

Julia Stiles stars as a single mother with a dark secret in the WIGS channel's second series 

Julia Stiles has a dark "Blue" secret.

WIGS, one of the three high-quality content channels YouTube unveiled at its first upfront last month, released a trailer Tuesday for "Blue," its second star-studded web series.

The nearly three-minute video introduces Stiles as Blue, a single mother who clandestinely moonlights as an escort to provide for her adolescent son. But when she finds her son talking to a former gentleman caller, her secret threatens to reveal itself.

The series, due to premiere on June 11, is the third release from WIGS, which focuses on five- to eight-minute long scripted dramas that offer glimpses into different women's lives.

"Blue" also stars David Harbour, Sarah Paulson, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Tony Plana.

The YouTube channel already airs "Jan," a series about a gifted photographer struggling with a seductive actor, a charismatic ex-boyfriend and a cantankerous boss. 

Both shows broadcast new episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

WIGS also released a short film called "Serena," about a woman having an affair with a priest.

Here's a look at the "Blue" trailer.