Jury for Harvey Weinstein’s Trial Chosen: 7 Men, 5 Women

12 jurors, with three alternates, will decide the fate of the ex-mogul

Harvey Weinstein trial
Harvey Weinstein enters court on Jan. 16. (Scott Heins / Getty Images)

The jury for Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial was finalized on Friday, with seven men and five women chosen to serve on a case that is expected to last about two months.

Of the 12 jurors, there are six white men, two white women, one black man, two black women, and one Afro-Latina woman. Three alternates were also selected on Friday.

Final jury selection came after a two week-long process in which prospective jurors filled out questionnaires. This week, those who passed that round were questioned in voir dire about their thoughts on potentially contentious topics, such as whether someone could have consensual sexual relations with someone to get ahead at work, or what kind of qualities a predator would be looking for in a target.

As is customary for any trial, jurors were instructed not to communicate with anyone about the case or read or watch any media about the case or accusations against Weinstein. On Thursday, the presiding judge also reminded jurors that the trial was not a “referendum” on the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment or women’s rights.

Opening statements for the trial, which is expected to last until early March, will begin on Wednesday. Weinstein is charged with five felony counts, including for predatory sexual assault, first-degree criminal sexual assault, and first- and third-degree rape. He has pleaded not guilty.