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Jussie Smollett Says He and His Five Siblings Are ‘Like the Von Trapps': Watch the Family in 90’s TGIF Sitcom (Video)

TheWrap asked the ”Empire“ star if the family had plans to work together and turns out they starred on ABC show ”On Our Own“

Jussie Smollett’s “Sound of Music” obsession even extends to his family.

During a press conference for the Billboard Music Awards, the “Empire” star was asked about performing with his five siblings. Smollett said, “We’re like the Von Trapps.”

Smollett reminded everyone that he and all of his siblings previously appeared together in the ABC Family series “On Our Own,” which ran for two seasons from 1994-1995. The show starred all six Smollett siblings as a family whose parents were killed in a car accident and were being raised by their oldest brother.

Smollett did not rule out the possibility of the family performing together again. “To find a project that all six people want to do, even the ones who are no longer in show business, would be a little bit hard,” Smollett said. “But I’m always up for that. I love them.”

And if you’re ready for heavy dose of 90’s nostalgia, watch the opening for “On Our Own” below.