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‘Justice League’ Amazonian Bikinis Have Twitter in Uproar: ‘Men Ruin Everything’

The women warriors of Themyscira get a costume change

For those lucky enough to have already seen “Justice League,” one detail stood out, and it didn’t have to do with the much-discussed re-shoots, CGI or larger DC Universe as a whole.

The costumes worn by the Amazon women are noticeably different than they were in “Wonder Woman,” and viewers are afire online with discussions about how the change represents differences in the male and female gaze.

In “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins, the costumes were designed by Lindy Hemming, and covered the Amazons’ torsos with armor. In “Justice League,” directed by Zach Snyder, the costumes were designed by Michael Wilkinson. And while Wilkinson’s outfits keep a similar Gladiator vibe, they feature small bra tops and bottoms that some say more closely resemble bikinis than what you’d want to wear into battle.

Fans were quick to agree with critics who have already seen the movie and tweeted out pictures of the outfits.

“The Amazon’s outfits in Justice League do nothing practical! All they do is perpetrate rape culture. Make sure WB and DC get the message. #notwhatwarriorswear,” one Twitter user said.

“I’m glad we have those new amazon outfits for #JusticeLeague because now there’s visual evidence of what happens when you don’t have diversity behind the scenes, in the process of creating a story,” another tweeted.

One observer joked about the outfits needing to be skimpier because of climate change. “Men ruin everything,” another quipped.

Other fans argued the bikini look still isn’t justified, even though the Amazons in “Justice League” are from a different time period than “Wonder Woman.” They still could have been more covered up, they said.

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