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‘Justice League': Joss Whedon Enrages DC Fans by Liking Tweet Blasting Steppenwolf

”You are absolutely repulsive“… ”How dare you even like this tweet?“

“Justice League” reshoot director Joss Whedon is causing some confusion — and a whole lot of anger — among fans for appearing to agree with some pointed criticism of the very film he finished helming after Zack Snyder stepped down.

Whedon set off a firestorm on Twitter for liking a tweet criticizing “Justice League” villain Steppenwolf (voiced by Ciarán Hinds in the tentpole film which lands in theaters this weekend).

Whedon liked Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson Twitter message, which went: “‘s Steppenwolf is the worst comic book movie villain of all time and not even Malekith the Accursed comes close.”

Joss Whedon Steppenwolf Tweet

An odd reaction coming from the movie’s own filmmaker — who is also credited for co-writing the screenplay — to say the least.

The response from DC fans has been brutal. “You are absolutely repulsive. How dare you even like this tweet?” one fan wrote.

“Your fingerprints are all over this film & you have yet to voice out any kind of support for it. You are despicable & you have singlehandedly ruined @ZackSnyder’s #JusticeLeague,” she added.

TheWrap observed that Whedon later unliked the tweet, amid fan backlash.


“Justice League” producer Charles Roven recently said Whedon was responsible for 15 to 20 percent of the finished film. Zack Synder is credited as the film’s sole director.

The film’s credits do recognize Whedon for his contributions to the screenplay, along with writer Chris Terrio, who previously co-wrote “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Here are some other tweets.


Warner Bros. and reps for Whedon declined to comment.

“Justice League” opens in theaters Nov. 17.