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Justin Bieber to Amy Schumer: Stars Throw Their Support Behind #MarchForOurLives

Teen survivors of the Parkland mass shooting lead the charge to end gun violence in schools with nationwide rallies on March 24

The strong, determined and loud voices of the teenagers who survived Wednesday’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, are leading the charge to the streets of Washington D.C. and across the country to end gun violence and mass shootings in schools… and Hollywood celebs are lining up in support.

“On March 24, students are leading marches in DC & across the country to demand that lawmakers do their jobs and take action to prevent gun violence. Get involved,” Amy Schumer tweeted end with the hashtag, #MarchForOurLives.

Schumer is just one of many Hollywood heavy-weights joining the rallying cry for a change in gun laws to, hopefully, prevent another mass slaying like the one that took 17 lives in Parkland.

“Not one more,” the March for Our Lives mission statement reads. “We cannot allow one more child to be shot at school. We cannot allow one more teacher to make a choice to jump in front of a firing assault rifle to save the lives of students. We cannot allow one more family to wait for a call or text that never comes. Our schools are unsafe. Our children and teachers are dying. We must make it our top priority to save these lives.”

The movement was created by, inspired by and led by students taking who believe that now is the time to talk about guns.

“We need to pay attention to the fact that this isn’t just a mental health issue,” Emma Gonzalez, a senior at the school told the crowd at an anti-gun rally Saturday. “[The shooter] wouldn’t have been able to kill that many people with a knife.”

Here are a handful of celebrities who are supporting the cause:

In addition, Adam Scott, Andy Richter, Jim Gaffigan, Laura Dern, Rosie O’Donnell, Steven Levitan, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, Don Cheadle and Daphne Zuniga retweeted the call to action.