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Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres Prank Call a Fan (Video)

The pop star and the talk show host decided to have some fun with a loyal viewer

Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres are becoming quite the pair of pranksters.

After a segment in which the daytime talk show host and Canadian pop star scared audience members in the bathroom, The Biebs returned to “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Friday to have some more mischievous fun. According to Bieber, he and his friends often spend their time making prank phone calls. Bieber said it is “probably [one of my] top five favorite things to do.”

This time, the two prank called a mutual fan: a young University of Massachusetts college student named Jacqueline. Seeing as Jacqueline is quite the student, Bieber decided to scare her a bit by telling her she has been missing classes lately. To make the illusion complete, he affected his best British accent and the moniker Peter.

Once on the phone with Jacqueline, Bieber proceeded to tell her that despite the numerous blizzards Boston has endured recently, classes were still being held and she had missed several. Jacqueline calmly and politely said she would sort the matter out with her professors, to which Bieber replied, “Stop yelling at me.”

Once Ellen got the phone, she quickly told Jacqueline the truth. She then told Jacqueline that the show was going to pay to fly her out to LA for a taping and to meet Bieber. Needless to say, Jacqueline was ecstatic.