Justin Bieber Arrest Abruptly Bumps Congresswoman Talking NSA During MSNBC Interview (Video)

Andrea Mitchell decided Justin Bieber’s arrest took priority over any NSA news on MSNBC Thursday

Bieber fever swept through all the cable news networks Thursday morning afflicting all who came in contact. In one particularly egregious case, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was in the middle of an interview with Congresswoman Jane Harman discussing the latest news developments on the government’s NSA program — particularly, that the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board had found the surveillance program illegal.

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“Congresswoman Harman, let me interrupt you just for a moment we’ve got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will,” Mitchell interjected. “Right now in Miami Justin Bieber has been arrested on a number of charges.”

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Congresswoman Harman glared incredulously at Mitchell as she was cut off from giving any further analysis.

Watch the video: