Justin Bieber Compares Going to Church With Visiting Taco Bell

“Baby” singer also doesn’t think peeing in a mop bucket at a public venue is a big deal

Last Updated: September 28, 2015 @ 5:06 PM

Justin Bieber will have the chalupa with a side order of salvation, please.

The “Baby” singer weighs in on a number of topics in his new interview with Complex magazine, including faith.

As Bieber sees it, attending a house of worship isn’t all that different from ordering at a third-rate fast-food chain that specializes in bowel-churning approximations of Mexican food.

“I think that going to church is fellowship, it’s relationship, it’s what we’re here on the earth to do, to have this connection that you feel there’s no insecurities. I think that’s where we need to be,” Bieber revealed. “Like I said, you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”

That’s true; if you go to Taco Bell, it merely makes you a person with an active hatred for your digestive system.

Bieber, who says that “my faith has gotten me to where I am,” concedes that some of his fellow Christians haven’t been the best ambassadors for his religion.

“I love talking about my faith. I think that with Christians, they’ve left such a bad taste in people’s mouths,” Bieber asserted. “Just like, overly pushy with the subject, overly churchy and religious.”

Bieber also concedes that he hasn’t always been the best ambassador for the human race, admitting that, in the past, “I was doing so many things that I shouldn’t even be on the planet still.”

On some matters, however, he feels that he got a raw deal. Such as the time that he was captured on video urinating in a mop bucket at a public venue.

“Honestly, I think the pissing in the bucket wasn’t as big as people made it seem. Just because, dude, think about it. Imagine, you hear that fucking Ozzy Osbourne pisses backstage. Immediately, ‘Oh, he’s a freaking rock star!’ As soon as I do it, ‘He’s being a brat.’

“Dude, what is bratty about pissing in a bucket?” Bieber pondered. “I had to go piss — we all have to pee. The bathroom was like on the other side, and the dude in the club was like, ‘Just pee here.’ He told me I could and it wasn’t like I was being disrespectful. I feel like that was pretty ostracizing — bigger than it should’ve been.”

Sure. Just don’t do it at a Taco Bell, because they’re probably using the bucket to store holy water.


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