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Justin Bieber Levitates Over Great Wall of China in Latest Amazing Feat (Photo)

Justin Bieber traverses iconic landmark as only he could — on the shoulders of his hired help

Is there anything that Justin Bieber can’t do?

Yes, apparently — he can’t walk across the Great Wall of China by himself.

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The 19-year-old “My World” singer displayed an extra-heightened sense of entitlement this week, when he traveled across the landmark Great Wall of China — at least partially while being carried by his staff.

A flurry of pictures of Bieber — who’s playing a concert in Dalian, China on Wednesday —  making the trek across the wall have surfaced on the Twitter feed Believe Tour Updates, with one particular shot depicting Bieber getting a little boost along the way.

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“Justin being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China today in Beijing, China (September 30th, 2013),” the photo’s caption explains.

And that’s exactly what it is.

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Hopefully he didn’t finish up his voyage by urinating on the wall while cursing out Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Unfortunately, Bieber’s bodyguards didn’t toss the singer over the side and leave him with the Chinese.