Justin Bieber Lookalike, ‘Botched’ Star Tobias Strebel Died of Multiple Drugs, Coroner Says

Man who spent $100,000 to look like “Baby” singer had Valium, Xanax and other substances in his system

Tobias Strebel, the star of “Botched” who spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber, had multiple drugs in his system at the time of his death last year, according to the Los Angeles County coroner.

An autopsy report obtained by TheWrap indicate that Strebel’s cause of death was multiple drug intoxication. The coroner’s report indicates that the overdose was accidental.

Test results indicate that Strebel had drugs including Valium, Xanax and alcohol in his system, as well as the sleep aid temazepam.

Strebel’s body was found in a Motel 6 in the North Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles on August 21. According to the coroner’s report, Strebel’s body was in a state of “moderate decomposition.”

Drugs including acetaminophen/hydrocodone were found on the desk in Strebel’s room.

There were no signs of trauma and police did not suspect foul play in the death, according to the report.

Strebel also went by the name Toby Sheldon and was featured on the E! plastic surgery reality series “Botched” in 2014. During an appearance on the show, he explained what inspired him to alter his appearance and emulate the singing sensation.

“What brought me to Bieber was the whole package: the full cheeks, the full temples, the bright open eyes, the full luscious lips, and spatial framing… [he’s] just extraordinarily beautiful,” he said on the show.