Justin Bieber Gets Real With Jimmy Fallon About Why He Cried at MTV VMAs (Video)

“Last time I was at an award show I was booed,” pop star admits, before confirming release date of upcoming album on “The Tonight Show”

Last Updated: September 2, 2015 @ 11:10 PM

Following his emotional performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Justin Bieber looked a lot more relaxed when he visited old friend Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

Needless to say, the “Tonight Show” host asked the pop star what made him tear up at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater, where he broke down crying after flying on a harness at the end of his two-song performance.

“It’s got to be a lot of pressure, not only to appear in front of your peers but to fly in a harness,” a sympathetic Fallon said.

“Harnesses suck … it pulls on the junk,” Bieber joked, before getting serious. “It was so overwhelming for me … I missed some cues so I was a little disappointed in that, [but] just the support,” he said. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them [the fans] to support me in the way they did.

“Last time I was at an award show I was booed,” Bieber confessed. “I’ve worked so hard at this album, I’ve worked so hard at becoming the man I want to become, then stepping into situations, you can’t help feeling judged. I just put everything on the line.

“That is what was so special about the emotional moment at the end, it was authentic and real,” he said, admitting to ranting during his explanation on the NBC late-night show.

“Plus, your junk was being pulled by the harness,” Fallon quipped. “I support you. Unfortunately, I have to make jokes about you — but that’s my job.”

As for his previous bad behavior, which included egging a neighbor’s car and speeding in his Ferrari, Bieber said: “I just had a bunch of knuckleheads around me.” He added that he just happened to do his growing up in the public spotlight. “I had more accessibility!”

Fallon closed out the interview by giving the pop star a fatherly pat on the back, saying it’s not about getting knocked down in a fight, but how you get up. “And boy, did you get up,” the host told him, holding up Bieber’s new single “What Do You Mean?”

“Fastest No. 1 on iTunes!” Fallon proclaimed.

The pair had more good news — once Bieber could remember the date — as they confirmed that his upcoming album will drop on Nov. 13.

The Canadian pop sensation didn’t have any trouble remembering the words to “What Do You Mean?” when he performed it later on the show with The Roots, even jumping behind the drum kit to show off his talents as a percussionist.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11.35 p.m. ET on NBC.


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