Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber Dance Around Central Park in Horrible Disguises (Video)

Those mustaches though

Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

On the “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber took one of the show’s longest-running bits to a whole new level Thursday night when the pair strapped on some disguises and ran amuck in Central Park.

While Fallon is known for taking celebs to public locations in horrible costumes — and then freaking out fans by revealing it was that famous person all along — this particular incident is one of the record books.

The NBC late-night host and the Biebs wore suits, ties, bad wigs, sunglasses and crazy mustaches to hide their oh-so-recognizable faces while dancing to Bieber’s hit track “What Do You Mean?” But because most New Yorkers are used to seeing some pretty weird things in the Big Apple, most weren’t fazed by the spectacle.

Heck, some even joined in and that was before Bieber and Fallon revealed who they really were.

Watch the video above.