Justin Bieber’s Beliebers Believe Anything Jimmy Kimmel Tells Them (Video)

Fans believe, without question, that the 19-year-old pop star peed on the American flag, drives on tires made out of baby seals, can't read, and punched his grandmother — but support him every step of the way

Justin Bieber's biggest fans will support him no matter what, even if pees on the American flag or punches his own grandmother in the stomach.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to the Staples Center in Los Angeles where Bieber was performing this week, and asked his adoring following of Beliebers a series of fake questions that ranged from midly absurd to absolutely ridiciulous.

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>> "PETA's angry at Justin Bieber because his new Bentley has tires made out of baby seals. Do you think they should just leave him alone?"

>> "Justin has said because of his touring schedule, he doesn't have time to learn how to read. Do you think he needs to learn how to read?"

>> "Justin punched his grandmother in the stomach so hard that she had to go to the hospital. Is that okay?"

>> "Do you think Justin meant it when he peed on at the American flag?"

"No. No, I don't think he did," one fan answered. "Just being a teenager."

"It was pretty funny," another young admirer said.

But surely, a grown man must not think that any of these fallacious Bieber stunts, such as urinating on an international symbol of freedom, are funny, or a good example for his daughter. Right?

Think again.

"I think he's just a young kid that's just kind of going through a phase, and I don't think he meant anything bad," a dad said. "My daughter was pretty upset, but she's still a fan of his."

Apparently, Bieber's reputation amongst fans is immune to even the wildest of scandals and bad decisions.

Here's the video proof: