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Justin Bieber’s Beliebers Sob and Snot Through Newest Comedy Central Roast Promo (Video)

Someone get these tweens a tissue

Don’t let Justin Bieber‘s young, obsessed fans catch you being mean to their hero. Comedy Central reveals the consequences in the latest promo for its “Roast of Justin Bieber.”

Young Beliebers sob at the thought that someone would verbally beat up their favorite pop star. In the background, Bieber’s “Baby” plays behind the slow-motion ugly cry faces.

At the end, the sole male super-fan of the bunch will gross you out with his hyper-slo-mo runny nose. Gross.

“Your nightmare. Our dream,” the brief commercial states.

The Bieber roast runs March 30 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

Watch the video: