Justin Bieber’s Boxing Lessons With Floyd Mayweather Not Going Well According to ‘Conan’ (Video)

TBS late-night host shares “exclusive” footage of a lesson that certainly shows Bieber learning how to take a punch, followed by a lot more

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather both posted pictures and video on social media showing the pop star getting boxing lessons from the undefeated Olympic medalist. But it was Conan O’Brien who scored the first “exclusive footage” of the two in the ring.

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The clip, shown on TBS’s “Conan,” started off innocently enough. Bieber threw a few jabs at Mayweather. But then the tables turned and Mayweather knocked him to the mat with one hit.

Things only got worse for Bieber after that, as Mayweather overpowered and manhandled him in the ring. Let’s just say chairs were broken and trash cans were dumped out. And we’d be surprised if Bieber shows up for his next lesson.

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Okay, sure, of course the whole thing was fake, but that didn’t make it less funny. And at least it proved that Bieber can take quite a beating … at least until he’s lying facedown and unconscious. He’s pretty much down for the count at that point.

And Mayweather remains undefeated.

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