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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Filthy’ New Single Splits Internet: ‘Garbage’ or ‘Way Ahead of Its Time’

”Filthy“ is the first single from JT’s upcoming album ”Man of the Woods“

The first song from Justin Timberlake’s upcoming studio album “Man of the Woods” dropped Friday morning, and people are… confused.

The teaser video for JT’s fifth album, inspired by his Tennessee upbringing, featured mountains, horses and campfires, leading many to believe the N*Sync alum’s new album would have a country or alternative vibe, and jokingly compared him to Bon Iver.

The vibe for the music video “Filthy” is anything but that. The clip features Timberlake in a Steve Jobs-esque outfit and a breakdancing, dry-humping robot. Watch the video above to see for yourself.

The song has the internet divided, some hailing the single as “garbage,” and others defending it as “way ahead of it’s time.”

One Twitter user described “Filthy” as “that song you want to come on at the club when it’s really late and you’re a little desperate. But it’s not like a song you start the night with.”

Another fan appreciated that Timberlake “is making the music he wants to,” and compared it to his previous album “Future Sex/Love Sounds.”

Others were less generous: “First I thought JT’s song new song  was trash. Upon second listen I think it’s garbage,” said one Twitter user.

One said that because “stan twitter hates filthy that means it’s going to be a HIT.”

“Man of the Woods” comes out Friday, Feb. 2, two days before Timberlake takes the halftime stage at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

See more reactions below.