K-Pop Star Seo Minwoo Found Dead in His Home at 33

Label of group 100% says the singer suffered cardiac arrest

Seo Minwoo

Seo Minwoo, member of the K-pop band 100%, was found dead in his home on March 25, according to multiple media reports. He was 33.

The band’s label, TOP Media, posted a statement to its website, writing in Korean that the singer died after suffering cardiac arrest: “His family, the 100% members, and the TOP Media artists and staff members are all grief-stricken and in mourning from the unexpected, sad news.”

His former bandmate Changbum took to Instagram to pay tribute to the late musician. He wrote, “I hope you are comfortable in the sky. I want you to be a bright star and shine on this world.”


100% debuted in 2012 with seven members. Minwoo was the band’s lead vocalist, but he took a sabbatical from the band to complete mandatory military service in 2014. Minwoo also had several acting credits to his name, appearing in dramas such as “Sharp 3” and “The King and I” and having cameos in TV shows like “New Tales of Gisaeng.”

The band made their Japanese debut in January 2017, and were scheduled to perform in Tokyo and Osaka at the end of next month. According to The Guardian, the band’s label has not confirmed whether the shows will go on as planned.

In December, another K-pop singer died. Jonghyun, also known as Kim Jong-hyun of the K-pop group SHINee, was 27 years old when he passed away. According to the Associated Press, Jonghyun was found unconscious in a residence hotel in Seoul and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.