Kal Penn Defends NY’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy, Ignites Twitter War

"We Are Men" star catches heat for defending controversial practice

Kal Penn got pretty frisky on Tuesday — and ended up invoking the ire of much of the Twitterverse in doing so.

Penn came to the defense of New York's controversial stop-and-frisk policy — which was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge this week — and got an earful from the Twitter community in the practice.

The actor — who served in the Obama administration and stars in CBS's upcoming comedy "We Are Men" — ignited the debate when he linked to a New York Post op-ed by defending the practice by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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One commenter assumed that the actor was joking.

"@kalpenn Did you forget a #snark hashtag?" the Twitter user wrote.

As it turns out, he wasn't kidding.

"Nope. It's a good policy. Sad to see such activist judges ruling against public safety," Penn replied.

Another critic of Penn's stance noted that crime in New York City had begun to decline prior to the policy being adopted, and that other major cities have seen their crime drop without the use of a stop-and-frisk practice.

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"New Orleans, Baltimore, Dallas, & LA have all reduced violent crime more than #NYC since 2002, w/out #StopAndFrisk," said a commenter named John McBride.

Penn was unswayed by the argument, answering back, "That's great. If they added s&f it'd be even better."

A few Twitter users suggested that Penn's account must have been taken over by a prankster.

"I'm really confused about that one. It can't be him," suggested a tweeter.

Eventually, Penn grew weary of replying and moved on to other pressing matters.

"Tortillllllllllla Chiiiiiiiiiiiips," Penn wrote in a later tweet.

Can't really argue with that.