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Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her Wishes for Final ‘Big Bang Theory’ Season (Video)

Actress on CBS sitcom also discusses an upcoming episode that she’s excited about

“The Big Bang Theory” is heading into its 12th and final season, but before the CBS sitcom rides into the sunset, series star Kaley Cuoco wants a couple of issues addressed.

Appearing on CBS’s “The Talk” on Friday, Cuoco, who plays Penny on the series, discussed what she wants to see happen during the series’ final run.

And she was very specific about her wishes.

“I’d like to learn Penny’s last name,” Cuoco said, to laughter from the panel.

She wasn’t done there.

“I’d like the elevator to get fixed,” Cuoco added, referring to the perpetually out-of-order lift in the characters’ apartment building that has served as a running gag for the series.

Cuoco also spoke of a recently-filmed episode that she’s excited about.

“We did an episode actually, recently, that I’m excited for it to air. It was about Penny and [onscreen husband] Leonard [played by Johnny Galecki] tackling the future of wanting children or not. And it was actually really interesting, her take on her wanting to work … it wasn’t kind of in the cards for her, and I think it’s an interesting conversation to have, and I’m glad we got to make that episode.”

See Cuoco discuss the impending swan song of “The Big Bang Theory” below.