What Kamala Harris Means for Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood

”She isn’t just one thing; she’s so many things. It’s a narrative that you are finding in Hollywood,“ says Darnell Brisco of BOND creative marketing agency

In the wake of a tumultuous presidential election, some in the entertainment industry are looking to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in the White House to help change the diversity landscape in Hollywood. The first female vice president, they hope, may spark an increase in employment for women both in front of and behind the camera.

Others see the election of a biracial woman with a multicultural family – whose husband is choosing to quit his job to support his wife’s career – as an additional incentive for Hollywood to continue to redefine what diversity means on and off screen.

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Diane Haithman

Senior Entertainment Business Reporter • diane@thewrap.com • @dhaithman