WWE’s Kane, The Undertaker Reunite at ‘Glenn Jacobs for Mayor’ Campaign Stop (Photos)

Brothers of Destruction glad-hand, get political

WWE - Brothers of Destruction

Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) and The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) are back together again! Oh no, sorry — not in that way. The WWE wrestlers and former Brothers of Destruction partners just tag-teamed a “Glenn Jacobs for Mayor” rally on Thursday.

Still, pretty cool.

Below are some publicly posted photos for the extra-tall and brawny Republican event. And yes, Jacobs (wisely) brought his demon mask.


Jacobs, who is still active part-time in WWE, is running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

As for ‘Taker, well, he seemingly retired last year after facing Roman Reigns at “WrestleMania 33.” However, TheWrap was told weeks ago by a person with knowledge of WWE bookings to expect a return to the squared-circle for Calloway against opponent John Cena at April’s “WrestleMania 34” in New Orleans. Some recent WWE TV angles seem to back that plan up.

But in WWE, cards (and everything else) are always subject to change last-minute. Sounds like good preparation for local politics.