Kanye ‘Motherf—ing’ West Professes Los Angeles Love for Thirty Seconds to Mars (Video)

The rapper appears in a teaser for the rock band’s upcoming short film, “City of Angels,” which compliments their hit single of the same name

Interesting fact about Kanye West: He is “one of the few people whose middle name is motherfucking.”

The rapper made the comment while romantically reflecting on Los Angeles in a teaser for Thirty Seconds to Mars upcoming short film, “City of Angels,” which debuts on VEVO on Tuesday.

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In a more serious note, West recognized that he lost his mother in L.A., but also gained a daughter.

“I remember liking it when I was first out there, but I also did lose my mother to that city,” West says in the video (above). “And that’s the weird thing, because I felt like this city took my mother, but this city also gave me my child.”

West’s mother, Donda West, died at a Marina Del Ray hospital in 2007 at the age of 58 after she stopped breathing in her home and entered cardiac arrest. In 2008, a coroner’s report concluded she died as a result of “coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty.”

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Reality star Kim Kardashian gave birth to West’s daughter, North, last June. The proud parents got engaged last week when West proposed to Kardashian in an empty San Francisco baseball stadium.

“I love my L.A. girl, though. My L.A. girls, now,” West says. “Because North is an L.A. girl.”