Kanye West Unveils Track List for New Album ‘Swish’ (Photo)

Rapper-producer promises it will be “the best album of all time” — because, of course

Kanye West
Getty Images

Kanye West has released some great records, but now the rapper-producer is promising that his upcoming “Swish” will be “the best album of all time.” So, back off, “Thriller,” “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Abbey Road.”

West posted a note to Twitter early Monday morning with a list of 10 tracks. We’d transcribe them all out for you, but what the Chicago emcee boasts in rhyming skills, he lacks in penmanship.

“So happy to be finished with the best album of all time,” West tweeted.

And then, of course, a Kardashian had to ruin it all — Kylie Jenner apparently scrawled “Kylie Was Here” at the bottom of West’s loose-leaf pad.

Here’s the tweet with the track list: