Kanye West’s Bizarre Rant Targets Matt Lauer, Ben Affleck, the Media After Wheelchair Flap (Video)

The “Mercy” rapper doesn’t apologize in his meandering outburst at another Australian concert

Kanye West ranted onstage Monday about everyone from Ben Affleck to Matt Lauer — but never issued an apology — as he fired back at criticism over singling out a wheelchair-using fan at a concert in Australia.

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“Pick a new target. Pick a new target. Because I’m not one of these dumb-ass artists that you’re used to,” West said during a show in Sydney. “You come at me, I’m going to take my platform and break this shit down for real, intelligent people every night. And then, we’ll get back to the music.”

The “Stronger” rapper’s comments followed a backlash he faced after stopping a Friday show at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney because two fans weren’t standing. West told the crowd to stand for the next song “unless you got a handicap pass where you get special parking and shit.”

As it turns out, West’s target was in a wheelchair.

But anyone looking for contrition at Monday’s show would be disappointed. West instead lashed out at the media.

“Since this is such big media-press-news and everything that obviously they trying to demonize me,” he told the new crowd. “It’s like, ‘Welcome to today’s news, ladies and gentlemen.’ We’ve got Americans getting killed on TV, kids getting killed every weekend in Chicago, unarmed people getting killed by police officers.”

“I’m not going to make one of them Ben Affleck statements and shit.”

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“So, people on the ‘Today’ show, I’m not sure I keep up with the news, but if Michael Strahan is still at the ‘Today’ show–no, ‘Good Morning America’, Matt Lauer, the girls on ‘The View’ — Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Roberts, if y’all run this, take a step back and look at this: I’m a married Christian man with a family,” he added. “At my concerts, I make sure everybody has as good a time as possible. So, all this demonizing me, it aint’ goin’ to work after a while.”


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