Kate Gosselin Needs Some Chicken Soup for Her Soul

Speaking as a single mom, I’m telling you to take some time to get over Jon, then dance your heart out!

I am sick and tired of watching Kate Gosselin be miserable on "Dancing With the Stars." I wanted so much to like her on this show. She is fascinating, with beautiful kids, and after the past year, I wanted something good to happen for her.

But in the end, "DWTS" is the last place she should be.

That said, she is there, and so we need to help her. It’s not too late to turn it all around, Kate. You are doing the best you can, and we get it. You need to be happy, though, wweetie. I am sure you are sad, but it is translating into miserable on television, and that is not helping you.

I’ve had a change of heart about you Kate. I have been, on a completely different level, where you are. I got divorced when my son was a baby and it was hard. I remember when my ex-husband started dating, which was about 5 minutes after I left, and it was crushing.

It takes time to get over the loss of a marriage, and you have not allowed yourself to do that. You jumped into the enormous challenge of making money, to support your family. I understand your choices, and support them. However, you can’t take care of your kids if you don’t take care of yourself.

You need a hug. Not from your agent, or publicist, or anyone who is getting paid because of you. You need a friend to hug you. You need to feel supported and loved.

Allow yourself to cry. Don’t cry about what you’re going through, or what you have to overcome. Cry for what you’ve lost.

Take a moment to grieve. There are millions of women who have been where you are, Kate. We feel for you. We are all sending you hugs and support. All you need to do is find someone to hug you, with no agenda or obligation. We will send our hugs to you, through that person, and you will feel the love.

Crying will set you free. Don’t cry in front of the camera. Don’t cry in front of your kids. Crawl into bed, with a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream, and just cry. Watch "Bridget Jones’s Diary," both one and two, eat your ice cream, have a drink, cry like a baby and go to sleep.

When you wake up, leave all your tears behind and put all your energy into dancing.

You are stiff and scared on "DWTS." Maybe it’s hard for you because you know we are all judging you. It would make anyone nervous. The thing is, when you forget about all of us, and dance for only your kids, you will get better.

Viewers are keeping you on "DWTS" for a reason. We want you to do well, and we want to like you.

Have a bowl of matzo ball soup. It will make you feel better. There is something about chicken soup that will simply ease your soul. I can’t explain it, so you’ll just have to trust that it will help.

After you have gotten a hug, had a good cry and enjoyed the magical Jewish potion that is matzo ball soup, turn around so I can kick you in the ass! Listen to me, Kate Gosselin: Regardless of the crap that people say about you, or blog about you, myself included, none of it matters.

You are strong. You have eight delicious and divine children who love you. Your marriage ended, the whole world got to see it happen, and that’s a drag. You have been dealt a horrible deck of cards. Your ex-husband is a douchelord, and regardless of why your marriage ended, he has been unkind.

Pick yourself up, and make a great life for your kids and yourself. Every time something good happens for you, it happens for every woman who has ever had her heart broken by a man she loved. It’s all rather dramatic, I suppose, but who cares? They can label us all as bitter, divorced hags, and that’s OK.

I have been divorced for 13 years, but there is still a small part of me that resents the hell out of my ex-husband for moving on so quickly, while I was left to care for our child on my own. I imagine that all divorced moms have that feeling on some level.

I have been unkind to you in this blog. I don’t take back what I’ve said, because when I said it, it was my truth. What I’m saying now is that I get it. I am viewing you through the eyes of a single mother, not those of a fan of "Dancing With the Stars."

Smile, Kate. Be your funny, charming self. Fix this.

Ingratiate yourself with the American public, and it won’t matter that you are not the best dancer. It will only matter that you are there, and trying.

Know that you are making your kids proud. Trust yourself. We wish you well.