Watch Kate Spade on Brother-in-Law David Spade’s Sitcom, ‘Just Shoot Me’ (Video)

Spade appeared on the sitcom in 2002

The late Kate Spade was best known for her designer handbags and couture. But she also had comedic chops she showed off while guesting on brother-in-law David Spade‘s sitcom, “Just Shoot Me.”

Kate Spade (who was found dead of an apparent suicide Tuesday morning) married David Spade’s brother, Andy Spade, in 1994, a year after the two founded Kate Spade New York. Her fame as a designer made her an obvious choice to guest on the show, about the inner-workings of a high-fashion magazine called Blush. The fact that David Spade was family made her guest spot an even better fit.

Kate Spade appears in Episode 619, “Blush Gets Some Therapy,” which originally aired on NBC on April 11, 2002.

In the episode, Kate Spade — playing herself — comes to Blush to promote her new fragrance and doesn’t miss a beat while following along with the other actors’ quips. She even takes a fake, accidental stomp on the foot from Finch (David Spade), and earns the nickname “bag hag” from Nina (Wendie Malick).

The episode centers on the Blush staff agreeing to corporate therapy after their bickering drives off a client. Dr. Drake complicates their teamwork when he advances Finch and Nina to blue binders, while Maya (Laura San Giacomo) and Elliot (Enrico Colantoni) still have their red ones.

Three guesses as to which client they drive off. (Don’t worry, they get her back.)

Interestingly enough, the corporate therapist (Stephen Root) in “Blush Gets Some Therapy” comes recommended by Donald Trump.

Watch the “Blush Gets Some Therapy” episode above.