Katherine Heigl Takes on “The Knitting Circle” for HBO

“Grey’s Anatomy” alum developing a TV movie based on Ann Hood’s novel about a grieving mother

Katherine Heigl is returning to television. The "Grey's Anatomy" alum is developing an adaptation of Ann Hood's 2007 novel "The Knitting Circle" with HBO as a starring project for the actress, according to the cable outlet.

Loosely based on Hood's life, the book involves a mother's efforts to overcome the death of her young daughter of meningitis, and her eventual path toward recovery after joining a knitting circle and bonding with its other members. (Hood's daughter, Grace, died at the age of 5 in 2002 from virulent streptococcus.)

Since hanging up her stethoscope as Dr. Izzie Stevens last year, Heigl has focused on big-screen efforts, including 2010's comedic team-up with Ashton Kutcher, "Killers," and Garry Marshall's star-studded "Valentine's Day" sequel "New Year's Eve," which is currently filming. (Heigl replaced Halle Berry in the latter in January.)

News of the "Knitting Circle" adaptation was first reported by Deadline.com.