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Kathie Lee Gifford Asks Martin Short About His Wife – Without Realizing She’s Dead (Video)

Kathie Lee Gifford delivers a metric boatload of awkwardness while interviewing Martin Short on "Today"

Kathie Lee Gifford is probably trying to wash the taste of shoe leather out of her mouth with her beverage of choice right now.

Gifford interviewed comedian Martin Short on "Today" Wednesday morning, providing a moment of walk-in-on-your-parents level of awkwardness that sent jaws dropping to living-room floors across the nation.

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The golden moment came when Gifford asked Short about his marriage to wife Nancy — who, Gifford didn't seem to realize, died in August 2010 following a struggle with cancer.

"You and Nancy have got one of the greatest marriages in show business. How many years now for you guys?" Gifford gushed.

To his credit, Short tried to gloss over the snafu by replying, "We … ah … married 36 years."

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Gifford cluelessy went on, marveling, "But you're still, like, in love!"

"Madly in love," Short gamely shot back.

"Why?" Gifford inquired.

"Cute — I'm cute!" Short bluffed.

"And you make each other laugh, right?" Gifford asked.


Gifford corrected herself on air afterward, admitting the goof-up, which Short informed her of following the interview.

"I feel so badly," Gifford offered. "So, my apologies to him and his family for not, um, realizing that."

Watch the cringe-worthy exchange unfold below.