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Parker-Spitzer’s Parker: ‘I Don’t Believe in Covering Sex Scandals’

Eliot’s primetime co-host says she won’t “go snooping in people’s personal lives”

One of the questions surrounding CNN’s new primetime show, “Parker Spitzer” — which debuts Monday — is how they’ll handle covering sex scandals, given Eliot Spitzer’s rather recent, sordid history.

Good news for Spitzer: CNN found the one co-host for him where it apparently won’t be an issue. That’s because Kathleen Parker doesn’t believe in covering them.

Via Larry King’s interview with the duo about their upcoming show:

KING: Do you think it will be difficult, let's say, frankly, there's a major sex scandal story.


KING: Are you going to cover it? 

SPITZER: Sure. And you know–

KING: It will be difficult to deal with.

SPITZER: No, it won't be difficult. It is–

KING: But they happen every week now.

PARKER: It will be difficult for me, because I don't believe in covering sex scandals.  I didn't write about Eliot Spitzer. I didn't write about John Edwards. I've actually avoided that tabloid mentality.

KING: Well, since you're discussing a lot of things, you might–

PARKER: Well, we may. But it really depends on what it is and what it means to the larger picture.  I'm not going to go snooping in people's personal lives.

KING: Would you have a difficulty with it?

SPITZER: No, look, I've been forthright with the public.

KING: Right.

SPITZER: I have been very open about what — how I erred, how I failed.  And I acted properly I think in response by resigning. And so, if it is a context where I have to pass judgment, I'll be able to say here's what I did and why. And it's one more piece of–

KING: Did you ever think when all of that happened that horrible day when you had to resign that you'd be hosting a television show?