Watch Kathy Griffin Shut Down KTLA Anchor Who Questions Plight of Women in Comedy (Video)

“Once in a while, Momma has to get a little savage,” the comedian wrote on Twitter, sharing a clip of the exchange

During an appearance on KTLA 5 Morning News on Thursday, comedian Kathy Griffin had a tense exchange with KTLA 5 weatherman Mark Kriski about the representation of women in comedy.

As Griffin was discussing the fallout to her now-infamous Trump photo with KTLA anchor Sam Rubin, she admitted that her career has continued to take a hit.

“By the way, I still do not have one single day of paid work ahead of me for the rest of my life,” she said. “Now you tell me that’s not because I’m a 58-year-old female in comedy.”

“I think there’s a lot of 58-year-old comedians that are working out there,” Kriski, sitting at the other end of the anchors’ desk, said.

“Are you? Name five women,” Griffin responded.

“Uh, I’m not into the comedy thing,” Kriski responded.

“I thought so,” Griffin said. “What is this guy? What’s with the new guy?”

“The new guy?” Kriski, who’s been at KTLA 5 for over 20 years, said.

“Look, the point is, it’s a male-dominated field, which I don’t really want to hear your take on that,” Griffin retorted.

“We’ve got guests on here every day,” Kriski said.

“Yeah, okay, that’s alright. But you should know your stats though. Anyway, working in a male-dominated field is something where I deal with that sort of thing every day,” she said, pointing to Kriski. “So I spend most of my day trying to talk to older white guys and explain, ‘I just want to do what I do.’”

Later that day, Griffin shared the fiery moment on Twitter and wrote, “Once in a while, Momma has to get a little savage.”

Watch the full interview above.