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Kathy Griffin Hits on Justin Bieber in Jim Carrey Spoof (Video)

”The sex is gonna be weird,“ the ”My Life on the D List“ star admits

Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes it can be pretty icky.

Responding to Jim Carrey's creepy video come-on to "Easy A" star Emma Stone on his web site, Kathy Griffin has fired up the web cam and made her own woo-pitching clip — with bang-coiffed "Baby" singer Justin Bieber as the object of her affection.

In the video, the "My Life on the D List" star tells the Biebs that he's "all the way beautiful," but wouldn't go so far as to marry him — because "[t]here's a distribution of assets" involved, so the two would "just go steady."

Griffin does assure the "Never Say Never" heartthrob, however, that their carnal relations will be something to remember.

"The sex, whoo! It's gonna be weird," Griffin promises. (Given Bieber's age — he won't turn 18 until March — it might well be illegal in some regions.)

Unlike Carrey, however, Griffin doesn't foresee any romantic camping trips with her love object, out of a fear that "bugs would crawl up my naughty parts and lay eggs."

Someone pass the Brillo pad, please; our mind's eyes could use a good scrubbing.

Watch Griffin's come-on to Bieber — if you dare — in the video.