Kathy Griffin ‘In Shock’ Her Carnegie Hall Comeback Show Sold Out in One Day

“For most of the past year I was convinced that my career was over,” tweets comedian whose career was upended because of a disturbing anti-Trump photo

Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin is “in shock” and “so grateful” that her show at New York’s 3,671-seat Carnegie Hall sold out — in one day.

“I just found out that my Carnegie Hall show sold out in a day. I’m in shock,” she tweeted Saturday. “For most of the past year I was convinced that my career was over…I have felt moments of despair that I can’t describe in a tweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I am so grateful.”

It’s been nine months since Griffin’s photo holding a fake decapitated President Donald Trump head caused an uproar that threw her life and career in turmoil. Venues cancelled her tour dates, CNN dropped her as co-host of its annual New Year’s Eve broadcast and she became the subject of a Secret Service investigation for “conspiracy to assassinate the president.”

News of Griffin’s comeback made lots of her fans very happy, including a few famous ones. Amber Tamblyn tweeted, “Love you, Kathy,” while Bette Midler went into a little more detail, writing, “Congratulations and welcome back! You were in Show Biz jail longer than the Stanford Rapist was in real jail!”

Midler later added, “And what timing! On St. Patrick’s Day, no less!!”

Griffin didn’t take the well-wishes and congratulations lightly, replying to Midler, “Thank you. I just reread the incredibly lovely and compassionate email you sent me on that dark day. XXOO.”

And there were even a couple of celebs who Griffin acknowledged who reached out to her privately.

“People talk sh*t about @KrisJenner/@KimKardashian (including me in my act) but I will tell you something…in the past year they have shown me a lot of love & given me support when I needed it most,” Griffin tweeted. “And it’s never been for show. (Don’t worry they’re still going to be in my act).”

Griffin’s “Laugh Your Head Off World Tour” has her performing in Canada and the U.S. through at least early summer. Additional date may be added.