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Watch Kathy Griffin’s Hot Mess Kellyanne Conway Defend Bernie Madoff (Video)

Comedian looks an awful lot like Heath Ledger’s The Joker attending the Trump inauguration

Step aside Kate McKinnon — there’s a new Kellyanne Conway in (tinsel) town. Kathy Griffin appeared on Comedy Central’s “Make America Great-A-Thon” last night as a hot mess version of the Trump counselor.

Looking a lot like Heath Ledger’s The Joker, Griffin’s Conway artfully defended Bernie Madoff, claiming the term “pyramid scheme” is “anti-Semitic.”

How’s that?

“Did Bernie Madoff’s investors go bankrupt? Yeah. But I find it interesting the media used the words, ‘pyramid scheme,'” she said. “Frankly, that’s anti-Semitic when you consider the terrible suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time of the Pharaoh.”

“So this so-called ‘bankruptcy’ is actually a moral one on your part, Wolf,” Griffin’s Conway concluded.

“The President Show” host Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump was incredibly impressed by his adviser’s ability to defend horrible people throughout history. So are we, Don.

Watch the video above.