Kathy Griffin Reacts to Tomi Lahren Interview Request: ‘Go F- Yourself’

“You and your network told me my career was over and that I was irrelevant,” comedian tells conservative commentator

Kathy Griffin Laugh Your Head Off

So, Tomi Lahren can put you down as a “no,” Kathy Griffin?

“My Life on the D-List” star Griffin, who made headlines last year by posing with what appeared to be the decapitated head of President Trump, reacted to an offer to be interviewed by conservative commentator Tomi Lahren on Tuesday with a decisive three-word answer.

And those three words weren’t, “Gee, sounds great!”

Griffin shared an offer purportedly made by Lahren’s camp via her Twitter account on Tuesday, along with her reply.

“I am writing to inquire if Ms. Kathy Griffin would have any interest in participating in a sit-down interview with Tomi Lahren for Fox’s upcoming subscription-based, digital streaming platform called Fox Nation,” the request read in part, adding that the topics for the streaming platform “will be on the issues of the day, and we are hoping to have a thoughtful, productive and amicable dialog, all in a relaxed and casual setting.”

Griffin’s response wasn’t particularly amicable, but it was fairly casual.

“Dear @TomiLahren, You and your network told me my career was over and that I was irrelevant,” Griffin responded. “Now you want to interview me. Not only do I not want to waste my time with you, I’m too busy selling out shows on my US tour.”

The comedian signed off, “Go F— Yourself, Kathy Griffin.”

The interview request was apparently sincere — or at least authentic — as Lahren responded to Griffin’s tweet shortly after.

“Thought maybe you’d like to defend and discuss your Trump Derangement Syndrome on the most-watched cable news network. Guess not! Have a nice day,” Lahren wrote.

With banter like that, who wouldn’t have tuned in to a Lahren/Griffin interview?

Get a taste of what might have been below.