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Kathy Griffin Zings Tomi Lahren After ‘Hate Speech’ Tweet: ‘Dumb Is the New Smart’

Comedian’s return has been marked by a new aggressive style in her routine and on social media

Comedian Kathy Griffin took a shot at Tomi Lahren on Sunday, mocking the Fox News pundit’s intelligence after she tweeted remarks suggesting “hate speech” wasn’t real.

“Truth is the new hate speech,” said Lahren.

“Dumb is the new smart,” the comedian shot back.

Lahren didn’t respond to Griffin’s tweet.

It’s unclear what prompted Lahren’s tweet about hate speech, but the term has increasingly been used by critics of social media platforms, who have argued over recent clampdowns of free speech on the platforms.

Since she was ripped for a viral image of her holding a mock-up of President Trump’s decapitated head before taking extended time off, Griffin has returned publicly with a multi-city comedy tour.

“I wanted to shame him. He’s such a misogynist and his policies are so disgusting, for he rights of women and LGBT folks and people of color. This guy is going down,” she told Seth Meyers in May explaining why she took the photo. “It took me two hours to convince my mother I wasn’t in ISIS.”

Griffin’s return has been notable for its aggressive style in both her routine and on social media. In particular, Griffin’s ire has targeted many of her former friends — including Anderson Cooper — who abandoned the comedian during the PR nightmare.