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Katie Couric Not 'Nervous' About Her Yahoo Future

The website's global anchor says she is keeping her head down during the sale process

Katie Couric says she isn't "nervous" about the prospect of Yahoo's sale and her future with the news portal.

In an exclusive interview with TheWrap for her new documentary, "Under the Gun," Couric was asked whether she was nervous about her future at Yahoo.

"We're as interested as everyone else in who will purchase Yahoo," she responded. "I'm nervous for other people who maybe don't have as much of a diversified portfolio as I do. I'm lucky I have a variety of projects I'm working on. For my colleagues I'm more on pins and needles for them. For me, I'm lucky to be able to make decisions for me personally."

Couric's contract with Yahoo goes through the end of next year, and is reported to be a rich $10 million per year.

Couric admitted that there was significant uncertainty at the news portal, but insisted she was keeping her head down and working.

"Obviously, news flash -- they're selling us," she said. "I don't have any intel, you may know more than I do. Right now, I don't really know what the future of Yahoo is. I have an incredible team of people and we are putting out as much quality as we possibly can."

Couric had just arrived from Rome, Italy, where she met with the Pope around a medical cause, but did Yahoo work while she was there. "I had an exclusive interview with Syrian refugees the Pope brought to Rome. We keep our heads down and do good work," she said.