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Fox News Guest Katie Pavlich Under Fire for Saying ‘White Privilege’ Is Racist (Video)

TownHall.com editor is being burned alive on social media for joking: ”confronting my white privilege [is] going to the tanning salon“

Fox News Contributor and TownHall.com Editor Katie Pavlich is under fire across social media for telling Bill O’Reilly that the concept of “white privilege” is “quite racist.”

“You’re being prejudiced towards people based on the color of their skin,” Pavlich pushed back on the very idea via Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor.” “I reject this idea that only white people can be racist.”

The clip really began to gain steam on Facebook and Twitter early on Thursday. Pavlich particularly caught online heat for quipping, “confronting my white privilege [is] going to the tanning salon.”

A bunch of people apparently didn’t appreciate the attempt at humor.

“This girl is an idiot,” Facebook user Aja Beech wrote.

Tina Meyers called Pavlich “another REALLY special Fox member” on the same platform.

On the YouTube video we posted above, user KefkaJr commented: “GURRRRRL, at your age and level of reasoning, the only reason you have this position is thru white privilege.”

Pavlich defended herself on Twitter, here:

On “O’Reilly,” the “Assault & Flattery” author argued that young white adults across college campuses are being “ostracized” if they do not embrace the Black Lives Matter movement, with some even “run out of student government.”

“It’s anti-American … it really is quite alarming,” Pavlich concluded.

“It really is pathetic, that’s for sure,” O’Reilly agreed.

Watch the video above.