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Katrina Pierson, Who Once Blamed Obama for Afghan War, Could Be Trump’s Next Press Secretary

Former Donald Trump spokesperson is reportedly angling for top White House gig

And you thought his meeting with Yeezy was weird…

Donald Trump’s former spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, perhaps known best for blaming President Obama for the war in Afghanistan, is reportedly angling for a gig as the president-elect’s press secretary.

According to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Pierson — who once claimed reporters had “literally” beaten Trump supporters into submission — has been spotted at Trump Tower on Tuesday.

“Katrina Pierson is at Trump Tower to make her pitch for press secretary, I’m told,” Acosta tweeted.

A regular on cable news during the campaign trail, Pierson has been largely absent from the airwaves since the election.

In August, Pierson made headlines after arguing on CNN that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were responsible for the death of Captain Humayan Khan.

After anchor Wolf Blitzer noted that Trump had attacked Ghazala Khan, implying the Gold Star mother wasn’t allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention because she’s a Muslim,” Pierson shot back saying it was President Obama’s fault Khan died in the first place.

“It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagements that probably cost his life,” Pierson said.

Khan died in 2004. We did a little digging and it turns out that, according to Wikipedia, Obama wasn’t sworn in until January 2009.

Later that month, Pierson suffered another snafu when she told CNN’s Victor Blackwell that President Obama invaded Afghanistan.

“Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Pierson argued “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”

The Afghan war began in 2001 under George W. Bush, following the September 11 attacks. Obama was then a senator from Illinois.

Trump’s transition team did not respond the TheWrap’s request for comment.