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Katy Perry, Barack Obama Promote Obamacare – and Perry’s ‘Roar’

The pop star promoted the president's health care plan on Twitter, and he thanked her by giving her new album a shout out

It turns out the MTV VMA ceremony was also a little occasion for Obamacare and celebrities to combine together in the guise of none other than Katy Perry and President Obama himself last night.

It started yesterday when Perry used her Twitter account to retweet President Obama's plea for youth sign up for Obamacare via social media.

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"If you're one of millions of young Americans w/out health insurance, you can get affordable coverage starting Oct. 1," the president tweeted from his account.

When the singer retweeted it, he thanked her, which Perry also retweeted.

Finally Perry responded to the Presidential tweet.

Politico, which first reported the Tweets, also noted that President Obama exchanged tweets with Jason DeRulo.

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DeRulo, promoting the iTunes availability of his "Marry Me" single, included a link to the Obamacare signup Web site.