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Katy Perry’s Head Gets Served on a Platter in Shocking Art Prank (Video)

”Bon Appetit“ singer startles museum patrons by offering her noggin for a snack

Don’t lose your head, Katy Perry.

Oh, wait; looks like we’re too late…

“Roar” singer Katy Perry served up her own noggin to shocked museum patrons at the Whitney Museum in New York for a prank that was published by Vanity Fair’s YouTube account on Thursday.

The prank involved writer and editor Derek Blasberg luring attendees into a room for a video art installation.

The room was furnished with a table covered with a checkerboard tablecloth, in the center of which was a platter holding what appeared to be a model of a human head.

The punchline came when Perry suddenly popped her eyes open and spoke, startling the puzzled art lovers.

The prank, which is part of Vanity Fair’s Derek Does Stuff With a Friend series, is similarly themed to Perry’s recently released “Bon Appetit” video, which saw the chanteuse battered in flour and kneaded like dough before being basted in a giant pot of boiling water and served up to diners.

Watch Perry serve up some head to the general public in the video, which was produced by Conde Nast Entertainment. .