Katy Perry Rocks the Vote – Naked – for Funny or Die (Video)

When you look like her and Joel McHale, bare it all for democracy

Ever wonder what Katy Perry looks like when she rolls out of bed? Apparently, it’s not a pretty sight — at least, not with all the lollipops, gum and popcorn in her hair.

The “Firework” singer lent her voice — and her body — to the Rock the Vote campaign recently, shooting a pro-poll-attendance video for Funny or Die. The premise revolves around Perry’s lack of understanding about the Constitution and public nudity laws. She says one can show up to vote wearing whatever they slept in — which is legally true, so long as clothing is involved — even if you sleep in the nude, like her. That last part doesn’t hold water with the cops.

Ultimately, Perry gets arrested for her democratic efforts, and is thrown in a police car with the fellow in-the-buff (and just buff) Joel McHale. Watch the video above, and curse the black bars along with the rest of us. The effort is not exactly killing it on the network’s “Funny/Die” meter — we’ll let you figure out if that’s a judgment of the comedy or the censorship.

The short film is part of Funny or Die’s first effort to register and mobilize young Americans to vote. “Funny Or Die’s Everyone Votes!” is spearheaded by co-founder, Judd Apatow, Mike Farah (CEO), and Brad Jenkins, managing director of Funny Or Die D.C.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been wasted this election cycle on political ads that no young American will watch. As we did for healthcare.gov, Funny Or Die is now being asked to save democracy. No pressure,” joked Jenkins.

“Given our sheer numbers, and passion on critical issues, young voters are uniquely positioned to decide our next president, not to mention our next generation of district attorneys, mayors, sheriffs and others on the ballot who will determine the future in our neighborhoods,” added Rock the Vote Vice President Jesse Moore. “We are excited to team up with partners like Funny Or Die this year to produce a range of fun, engaging and poignant messages to urge voter registration, early voting and a renewed culture of civic engagement leading up to November 8th.”