Kayleigh McEnany Goes Full QAnon With a Keen Interest in the ‘Interference of the Deep State’ (Video)

The former Trump press secretary led the charge as Fox News went into conspiracy theory mode

Fox News went into full conspiracy theory mode Friday after two whistleblowers told Congress that IRS investigators recommended more serious charges for Hunter Biden than the tax evasion counts for which he eventually agreed to in a plea deal.

Kayleigh McEnany led the charge on “Outnumbered,” taking the roundtable handoff from Harris Faulker, whose parting remark — “I just don’t think we know the whole story” — left a perfect opening for the former Trump press secretary.

“It’s so true,” said McEnany, who was sitting on a show panel that also included retired NYPD Inspector Paul Mora. “And the interference of the deep state is what’s really interesting to me, Paul. You’ve worked on a lot of investigations. And you have Shapley, who’s overseeing this IRS investigation, say, ‘Hey, I need a search warrant.’ And he’s slapped down in saying, ‘No, you can’t get the search warrant’ because quote optics, that was (U.S. Attorney) Lesley Wolf who said that. And he couldn’t ask Hunter ‘Walker questions’ about ‘the big guy.’ Have you ever seen this?”

The former cop then went on to explain how he planned to keep his eye going forward on “more skulduggery” and other very serious matters in video you can watch at the top of this file.

“As long as the Democrats have the White House and Biden is there, the DOJ is not going to move on this,” the former NYPD official said, in his analysis about matters of national politics. “So everybody’s saying, ‘Well alright, maybe at some point if the White House changes we can peel back the layers of the onion to find out what went on.’

“The problem is this,” the policing expert said as he continued. “When we see the plea deal, the prosecutor marbles into that plea deal all of the stuff that we’re talking about. He’s going to be double-jeopardy’ed out. You’re not going to be able to go back after him because they covered it all.”

The former police official went on to say, for this reason, the cover-up may not be over inside the Biden administration. In other words, more conspiracy theories are on tap.

McEnany’s reference to “the deep state” is of course not unheard of in Trump circles. The conspiracy theory that purports to know of secret government agents working around the clock to keep truth about the machinations of the executive branch locked away from U.S. citizens has a firm anchor among QAnon followers and is used to explain pretty much any of the theorists’ deviations from reality. These behind-the-scene perpetrators are responsible for a lot, it would seem. Or so go the conspiracy theories.

Watch McEnany’s comments or even the full segment at the top of this post.