Keanu Reeves Addresses Those Immortality Rumors (Video)

Multiple men have been found throughout history that bear a striking resemblance to the “Matrix” actor

You may not have known this, or you may have suspected it, but Keanu Reeves is immortal.

At least, that’s what the internet says, since multiple men have been found throughout history that bear a striking resemblance to the “Matrix” actor.

Jimmy Fallon addressed the rumors on “The Tonight Show” Friday, pulling up old portraits submitted to and asking Reeves if he saw a resemblance.

The first figure Fallon brings out is the artist Parmigianino, who painted the self-portrait in 1504-1540.

Keanu Reeves

Reeves, at first, dodged whether he thought the portrait looked like him, instead focusing on what the subject was doing with his hands (his two middle fingers held together and separated from the outside ones). But Reeves shouldn’t talk, since he’s done that with his hands as well!

Keanu reeves
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In all seriousness, Reeves does acknowledge the physical resemblance between him and his historical doppelgangers.

“We have a likeness in the eyes,” he says of the artist self-portrait. “And the nose and the mustache and the beard and the cheekbones and the forehead.”

Another subject Fallon proposes is the actor Paul Mounet.

Keanu Reeves
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“I was thinking about it and I go, ‘You do look exactly the same since I first met you and I met you years ago,” Fallon explained, showing a photo of the two of them at the MTV Movie Awards in 2000.

As Fallon noted, Reeves looked exactly the same while Fallon… doesn’t.

So Reeves doesn’t outright state whether or not he is an immortal vampire, but he did say he had heard of the rumor before and that he does see the resemblance. Good enough!

In the interview, Reeves also talked about coming to Hollywood for the first time, where his manager asked him to change his name. Reeves said he thought long and hard (near the ocean nonetheless) about it and came up with Chuck Spadina.

Another option? Templeton Page Taylor.

Watch the full clip above.