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Keith Olbermann Advises Tom Brady on Suspension: ‘Take It From Me,’ Don’t Fight It (Video)

”Tom, relax — we’ve all be been suspended,“ the ESPN host says

Keith Olbermann, whose been suspended both at MSNBC and ESPN, had some advice for suspended NFL star Tom Brady.

“Tom, relax — we’ve all been suspended,” Olbermann began. “Take it from me Tom, please don’t appeal your suspension.”

The ESPN host said Brady should fire his agent, who suggested there’s a conspiracy against his client. Olbermann criticized Brady for not willingly handing over his phone during the investigation, which might have lessened his suspension.

“Tom, fire this guy, you still have time to salvage something out of this; admit this happened, say it was an isolated incident, take the blame, make a large charitable donation, go to ball inflation rehab, and ask Goodell to please not punish the rest of the team and the Patriots fans for what you did with such a harsh suspension”

The Deflategate saga, and Brady’s suspension, has been a media fixture since the Wells report was released last week, indicting Brady as knowing his footballs were being deflated before the Patriots/Colts AFC Championship game in January.

Olbermann’s sarcasm about being suspended stems from his most recent suspension, in which ESPN suspended its host for an inappropriate Twitter exchange he had with Penn State students.

Watch the video above.