Keith Olbermann Moving Out of His Donald Trump-Owned Building

“I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting.”

Veteran broadcaster Keith Olbermann is moving out of his apartment in a Trump building because “the very name ‘Trump’ has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself.”

Olbermann, who is currently a free agent, has worked for ESPN, MSNBC, CNN, Fox Sports and a variety of other news organizations. He penned an attack on Trump in The Washington Post that details his plan to move from the building slathered in “gratuitous gold.”

The liberal Olbermann calls Trump “a guy with the historically unique fashion combination of a cheap baseball cap and Oompa Loompa makeup.” He’s moving out of his New York City home in a Trump building because “I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting. Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.”

Olbermann admits he’s lived in Trump’s building for nine years and it’s mostly had “an excellent staff and an excellent reputation,” but he can’t take the constant reminders of the GOP frontrunner’s politics.

The former MSNBC host says, “Take away the unmappable comb-over and the unstoppable mouth and the Freudian-rich debates about genitalia, and there is no Trump campaign. Donald Trump’s few forays into actual issues suggest he is startlingly unaware of how the presidency or even ordinary governance works.”

It’s clear Olbermann isn’t a fan of The Donald, but he admits there is a chance he’ll be the next president.

“There could still be enough idiots to elect Trump this November. Hell, I was stupid enough to move into one of his buildings. But here in those buildings, even as I pack, is the silver lining hidden amid the golden Donald trumpery,” Olbermann wrote.

After noting a few problems he’s witnessed in the Trump-owned building recently, Olbermann ends his diatribe with his thoughts on Trump’s proposed border wall:

“If there is a President Trump and he decides to build this ludicrous wall to prevent the immigration from Mexico that isn’t happening, and he uses that same contractor, it’ll take them about a thousand years to finish it.”