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Keith Olbermann Slams Murdoch With ‘Fok’ Website Mocking News Channel

Update: The former MSNBC host and upcoming Current TV host takes the Twitter page he created to a new level — though says any ”reference to plural of FOK is purely coincidental.“

Looks like Keith Olbermann has declared war on his former boss, Rupert Murdoch — with the announcement today of the "FOKNewsChannel website."

The former MSNBC host and upcoming Current TV host said Tuesday on the Twitter site for his faux channel, which has been up since Jan. 25, that he is enlarging it to an actual website.

"Proud to announce: coming very, very soon, your FOKNewsChannel website…"

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Olbermann later, via his own Twitter page, told TheWrap's Dominic Patten that "FOK is an abbreviation for 'Friends of Keith.'" While the title seems more acronym than abbreviation, Olbermann also added in the tweet that any "reference to plural of FOK is purely coincidental."

Perhaps, but the FOK Twitter page directly mimics the Fox News Channel's graphics and colors.

And it doesn't stop there –  a tweet that Olbermann put out on Feb. 3 takes a direct jab at the founder, chairman and CEO of News Corporation, which owns Fox:

"Regarding Mr. Murdoch's vow not to 'fire me twice': Makes you wonder why one of his guys approached me about rejoining MLB on Fox," Olbermann wrote.

The day earlier, Murdoch told an interviewer that he wouldn't hire Olbermann again. "We fired him once, we don't belive in firing people twice."

Olbermann, who worked for Fox Sports Net form 1998 to 2001 before joining MSNBC, has been using social media to put the spotlight on himself since leaving the cable news network on Jan. 21. On Jan. 25, while off TV, Olbermann live tweeted a response to President Obama's State of the Union speech.

That same day, Olbermann launched his "Fok" Twitter feed, writing, "Greetings! FOKNewsChannel is on the air. Well, on Twitter. Well, it'll be on as soon as we pay the electric bill."

Today's announcement picks up from there.

The website is unlikely to have a terribly large scale and isn't Olbermann's biggest project. On Feb. 8, Olbermann announced that he is joining former Vice President Al Gore's Current TV, with an hourlong, five-nights-a-week show.

At the time, Gore told TheWrap that Olbermann is "a unique talent and he has a magnetic personaltiy and people form a relationship with him because they know that he is brilliant."

Brilliant, maybe. Obvious, certainly.